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Originally Posted by starboardnacelle View Post
I'm all for challenging content, but there's a difference between real and artificial difficulty in game design.

Real difficulty is giving NPCs the ability to intelligently heal and buff themselves and support one another.
Artificial difficulty is overpowering enemies to the point of eclipsing the player's ability to deal with them on level terms.

Artificial difficulty is often tedious and frustrating, whereas real difficulty requires thought and strategy. What we have at present is the epitome of artificial difficulty. The Borg are too powerful, easily capable of destroying a player before they have a chance to react while simultaneously ignoring the constraints of weapons range. The D'Deridex Defender NPC is a good example of real difficulty because it's capable of healing itself when needed, has strong firepower that isn't completely overwhelming, and can debuff the player's defenses. In other words, the D'Deridex Defender is on a level playing field with the player. The Borg are an uphill battle of epic proportions.

You want a challenge? Write a letter to the development team asking them to overhaul the abilities and artificial intelligence governing the Borg NPCs.

As far as the Borg go, I've always said that as a Cube gets closer to destruction its weapons should diminish and its hull regeneration should start to SKYROCKET.

This would be caused by the whole "crew" of the cube going into repair mode and the ships weapons being a secondary action.

The ship would still be fighting, but the real challenge at that point is getting the hull to KEEP dropping rather than stalemating the process.