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Good catch - the Excelsior should be able to get to this sector. I'll punt that over to the ship team.
Can we have the transwarp conduit Tier III that sends ships to Romulan space (Alpha Centauri, Psi Velorum, and Iota Pavonis) include Tau Dewa as well?

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Heard and understood. It is still tough for fleets under 25 players to achieve Starbase goals in a reasonable time. We will look more into this and see if there are other things we can do to help. We've already adjusted the top tier projects down a few times and we may do so even more in the future.
In Dev Blog #17 you said Tier 4 and 5 starbase projects had already had dilithium costs reduced 10% and 20% [see quote below]. All the changes in that blog had taken effect but not the dilithium costs -- can you confirm these are still happening and concurrent with the changes that you announced today in blog #20?

Originally Posted by dastahl
How Dilithium rewards changed in Season 7 to meet these goals

We reduced the amount of Dilithium required for Fleet Holding progression.
Dilithium requirements were reduced by 10% for Tier 4 Advancement Projects and 20% for Tier 5 Advancement Projects. While not many Fleets had yet to obtain a Tier 4 Starbase, this is a significant adjustment from Season 6 project Dilithium requirements to help Fleets complete the last two tiers of their Starbases. We will continue to monitor Fleet progression and adjust if we feel further changes are necessary.
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