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Originally Posted by thegalaxy31 View Post
Actually, I'm talking about being able to create these types of maps in the foundry. Like. Making a New Romulus (not that massive, but in terms of detail) type map in the foundry.
Well, I don't think you'll get access to our terrain tools anytime soon, haven't seen that yet anyway. Other than that, I don't know that there's much stopping you as long as assets get foundryized (which I'm sure I failed to do with New Romulus stuff, sorry)

Originally Posted by moronwmachinegun View Post
Obviously, the river is low right now because it is the dry season, and/or the area is in a drought.

Taco, my compliments on New Romulus, it is a thing of beauty.

Any chance you can activate the binoculars next to the momma nanov? Be funny to put in an EC for a close up.
LOL Those were put in as a joke and not meant to go live. They'll likely disappear in the next patch, so enjoy them while they're there.
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Tacofangs, what is your beef with where's Sulu?