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Originally Posted by dracounguis View Post
Yup, my alts just sit at SFA. Hard enough to grind gear for one toon, let alone four. With that in mind, I have very little impetus to buy ships from the Z-store that I would only use for one of my alts. Take the Vesta, cool ship, but not worth $50 for my Sci alt that never leaves Sol.

If not for the Doff system, my alts would probably have been deleted by now. I log on, assign doff missions on my alts, then play on my main. I don't really see anything happening anytime soon to change that cycle.
You don't have to buy all three versions...

I plan on just getting the Surveillance Explorer this week when I get paid, for my current toon.
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I'd love to be able to buy the Bundle, but this close to Xmas I just can't afford it.

Soooo, I'll get the one now and later on down the road pick up the other two when I can afford them.
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