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11-20-2012, 10:05 PM
Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
I was about to type something rude, but passed the chance of jesting you. But if you cant determine as far what the talk has been about, then so be it.
As you can see in these quotes below, you first say that exploiters are bad (or in your words a nuisance), then in following posts after being called out, you admit to exploiting broken abilities yourself. Then later, you question how exploiting broken abilities is bad and claim that it is actually good and smart to do so. Maybe you can see how I am confused on exactly what you are trying to say.


"A bug can always be corrected, but yes exploiters should maybe be added as another nusiance."

"To the person claiming we (TSI) were using broken stuff to promote change:
Yes thats true and I for once dont hide it."

"Our actions will speak for itself as well as our motives for using certain skills which some might consider broken."

"How is this bad? Why is it bad to promote good builds? Why are always the good players punished because half of the other pvp community cant pvp and think smart?"