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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Nope - he snipped the part about there being tons more players and higher concurrency thus far - we've had a big increase in the number of people playing much like we saw with Season 6 release.

These changes are about balancing the economy while removing some exploits and adding more fun back into the STFs. Yes the feedback had a lot to do with it, but we stand behind many of the changes that were made in this season. The additions will simply put it back on track to where most everyone can enjoy their particular play style and still have something to work towards.
It makes me worried that you all thought these things were ok in the first place.

The direction you are taking the game is not the direction the players want. There are two paths, and you and the devs path is diverging from the game's player base path. Thus, conflict ensues. Your goals, are not our goals, your wants and desires for this game, are not ours. I continue to see this crack in the void continue to grow until some fundamental thought processes over there at Cryptic/PWE are changed.
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