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11-20-2012, 11:25 PM

Its nice to see the changes coming in the next few weeks prior to Dec, but I do have to ask is that you ask to give feedback to you guys in order that things like bugs and what not not make it into live, but still when feedback is placed... things just continue being the same and still get in even though its eather been posted, and people continue to say something in that specific thread.. so are you guys going to change things around the team and also release things abit further before hitting holodeck to get the nessary time in for a season no less, so bugs are killed and changes like what happened in this perticular season dont happen again. We understand there will be issues but.. this many in this season was abit much... and its been like this since launch.. sorry to say.

Also.. 29th century outfits.. its been on hold for long time. Can we get them in sooner then later pls. Brandon talked earlier that they are almost ready.. we all know to well what "almost/soon/ect" means around here so clarification on when would be nice seeing as you had a trailor posted on these so long ago... know where iam going with this.

And.. to what you have stated on the "upcomming" list. Andorian ship coming in January, thats awsome and we all know how long thats been in the "works" for now so its finally nice to see.. but again.. we are not learning are we, where is the KDF love. I dont have to go back to the times we have to remind you that you have 2 factions in this game... pls start treating the game so, and not soley putting the love to federation pls and ty. Remember the 200 day kdf reward i faught/talked about for so long to get established.. can we get something in jan for the kdf also pls.

Iam loven being back in STO, I dropped TOR.. please dont make me go back lol.

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