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11-20-2012, 11:25 PM
Thanks Dan for making sure STF loot drops are coming back. My EC reserves have slowly been dwindling since S7 launched for lack of any loot to sell.

One problem I do have though still is doffs and fleet projects. Prior to S7 the system worked well for me in my small fleet. We needed doffs for projects, so a bunch of fleet creds got turned into fleet doffs, which then went into projects.

Trouble is, I can only do that so many times before my roster is bloated with whites and needs to be purged to get the next bunch in the hope of getting the required ones for a project. I purged unwanted white doffs by up-grinding them. This simultaneously made room for more doffs and retained the value of the fleet marks I'd spent on them.

Now, with the absurd doff upgrinding dil price I don't want to do this any more. As Dil is just as important for the 400k Dil worth of fleet projects we need to fund. I'm now stuck with too many white doffs of no value to me or my fleet and no way to get rid of them economically (short of selling >200 white doffs 1 by 1 on the exchange, which just isn't a good solution)

Any chances of having the upgrinding cost returned to previous Dil levels?
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