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11-20-2012, 11:18 PM
they already changed some stuff.....but still that mark is needed.....

we can open the crate now immediatly......but for what use? some marks which u only need every 2 days??

BTW another idea!!! what about u could turn in omega or romulan marks for reputation??? that would be awesome!!!

idea is simple! we got because of our missions we were doing and because of the crate A LOT of marks which we never gonna use.SO what about u simple can turn them in for reputation? that way old players which had a lot of prototypes and stuff which has been converted into the crate will be rewarded for their archivments!

add a new project like the one where u can turn in the neural processor!
that would be really awesome! all the marks we got spare would be usefull!


updated first post with that option!!!

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