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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Nope - he snipped the part about there being tons more players and higher concurrency thus far - we've had a big increase in the number of people playing much like we saw with Season 6 release.

These changes are about balancing the economy while removing some exploits and adding more fun back into the STFs. Yes the feedback had a lot to do with it, but we stand behind many of the changes that were made in this season. The additions will simply put it back on track to where most everyone can enjoy their particular play style and still have something to work towards.
It's good that mistakes have been acknowledged, there was once a vibrant STF community, this update ended it. I hope these changes will bring back the fun and community. As has been previously mentioned if you diverge too far what the customer wants from the product and try to foister what you want the product to be on the customer it almost always ends up being bad for business.

Of course as you know the success of a season should be judged at the end of the season not the start, it's whom you retain that counts. As you can see from the feedback here many were unhappy with the implementation of the changes. Lets see if the proposed changes have the desired effect.

I am also at a loss with the logic that dispersing dilthium across more events and reducing or removing it from some events whilst creating new sinks in dilthium would somehow get more people to refine more dilithium per day. I think you know already by the drop in Zen value that your changes to this economy would not increase the supply of refined dilithium to the exchange.

It seems especially illogical when considering that the average player is more casual and has less time yet he must now do several missions to recieve the same Dilithium he did for one. This does not benefit casual players dilithium refinement rates.

Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Cryptic really needs to find that middle ground.

Changing FA rewards from DL to FM? Tsk, they really should mix them to a dual reward like the Azure Nebula. Like Fleet Events rewarding in Fleet Marks and Dilithum, while Fleet Actions are more Dilithum than Fleet Marks. STFs reward in Omega, Fleet, and Dilithum.

That way they are combining rewards so people don't feel pressured to play single content and earn multiple projects at the same time, thus not suffering from grind exhaustion.

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