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Interesting points you brought up, and great response. You must admit though, a ship like this would certainly be an interesting addition to the fleet for both sides.

I see the cost as being the main deal here, but you're right, as soon as the first one rolls off the assembly line, that will be a moot point. But again, take into account the time and effort that went into getting there. And the zen. ugh. For free players (like me) getting a ship like this would be tantamount to a crowning achievement in this game. I would do the grind, I would pay the zen, I would do it all that was needed to get this ship, all without paying a cent, but only for one reason. Because I love cruisers. And I love that ship class. And I will stand by what I say about the Oddy being a great ship. But I am still a little annoyed that to get the set bonus, you have to sacrifice 3 consoles. That doesn't really sit right with me, and in all honesty was the main reason I came up with this idea in the first place.

I will just out and say it. If you took away all the bonus stats (except the turn rate and inertia bonuses, want to keep those period lol) and just gave these ships the ability to use their unique consoles without having to lose out on their standard 10 console slots, I would be happy. I would be willing to give up all the extra hull, power, shields, BOff bonuses, etc, just to get this one part. Because that's the one I was going for. But making a tier 6 ship would be cool too. I dunno, maybe it should also be a requirement that all parts of your starbase be tier 5 to get it, or you need to have X accolade points, or something, but I am still open to ships like those two existing, granted for a hugely stupidly prohibitive cost etc, but I would still be open to them.

The main reason is because I also see the Oddy and Bort being slighted by all the newer ships coming out. Not surprising, not wholly unfair, but still not sitting well with me. I will even admit that the Odyssey class was the reason I started playing STO in the first place. I researched this game before joining. I looked to see if this game was something I could play based on other games I played. And I saw my role. Tank. I play tank in almost every game I play, the guy who goes in and gets smacked around, but stays alive while someone else picks guys off of him one at a time and kills them. The Odyssey, when I saw her, filled this role perfectly (this was before I was enlightened as to the true nature of PvE in STO, DPS). I joined shortly after it came out, and was enthralled by this new ship, this massive beast of the line. And I finally get one (many months later... 5k zen without spending a cent takes time, and yes, I got the 3 pack XD) and I am instantly taken with it's versatility and general ability to cause mayhem (just ask all the people I play with, I am constantly dashing in like an idiot with BFAW going XD... ironically doing that is a great way to get first place on fleet actions too XP) and just general awesomeness.

Then I met some of the new ships, like the Vesta, the Galor, and a few others. And the Oddy, in all it's awesomeness fell short. Besides, I also tried the bort. Same thing. Great ship, but as I said, my Tor'Kaht outdoes it in everything.

Anyways, back on topic. Yeah, this is the perfect example of a P2W ship. But how else will this game keep on going? Lame response, but I see this huge cost as fair. Besides, it's not indestructible, not even close. It's still a cruiser with a crappy turn rate and terrible inertia. But it takes into account actual things cruisers should already, like a massive warp core (hence the boosted power levels), tankability, and damage output (BOff and power levels). Basically it can be it all, and do it all. Not very well at anything, but well enough it can fill any role needed. That combined with the desire for the 3 unique consoles to not be a penalty, was my second reason for making this ship.

So I personally see it as fair, but would be willing to take criticism and changes to make it more fair in the eyes of you guys. I don't want to dismiss these ships outright, but would be interested to see what you guys would do to make them less OP.

But nice response decker. I like it.
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