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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
*whine about PvP snip*
I hate to break it to ya but STO was never balanced or created around a PvP focus. PvP was tacked on from the beginning and instead of complaining about it or the lack of PvP-focused updates, be glad it is still there and not flat-out disabled.

You want to know why PvP hasn't been updated? Simple.
PvP is the most unpopular content in the entirety of STO.
It caters purely to the hardcore extremists who participate in some of the most willfully malicious trolling in the history of online MMOs. And don't you DARE try to link me to any damn 'guide to PvP' because each and every one of those is horribly outdated or has purposefully-misleading information in order to deny any potential opponents the avenue to compete on a fair level.
Yes, PvP is hated even more than the New Romulus stuff that the forum kids are whining about. Hardly anyone participates because it is severely imbalanced against newcomers. People don't want to line up to get their ships destroyed over and over with little to no recourse.

They have the metrics and data but they aren't stupid to flat out ignore PvP without a reason. In fact, PWE probably wants more emphasis on PvP if that would get people to grind for better gear and so on.

Cryptic is doing what they can to PROTECT us from the evils of PWE. Lemme break it down for you since you must not be familiar with how this works in other PWE (and most asian-developed) games.

This is what a PvP focused game from PWE will look like:

-Addition of Enchantment System to enhance your gear to +15 based on RNG
-Addition of 'destruction' mechanic to make your gear go poof when (not if) enchantment fails
-Addition of cash shop items to guarantee success of enchantment and/or prevent destruction of your precious gear.
-Addition of 'gears' (gems) to socket into gear. Perhaps requiring a cash shop item to create the socket (and perhaps destroy the gear on failure w/o another cash shop item...)

Anyhow, I'll stop that there. That's your PvP focus right there. Thankfully Cryptic knows this and has done its best to delay the inevitable (and PWE will mandate this or Cryptic will be out of jobs, just watch).
Enjoy things while you can because it is EASY MODE FUN without paying (much) real money compared to what it will be like in a few months.

STO never has been about a PvP focus and hopefully never will go down that route. If you want PvP-focused sci fi games there are some that may meet your needs; one of them recently went F2P and takes place in a galaxy far far away....

You think the grind is bad here? The dil and restrictions are bad HERE? HA!
Silly kids, time for you to get thrown out into the real harsh world of F2P if you think this is bad.

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