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Originally Posted by somrik View Post
Is there a DLC option maybe its under there?

Frankly it doesnt help that your English isnt exactly too clear. Nothing against but it kind of makes me work to understand what should be my first language.

Okay so You had STO as a Non steam game shortcut under steam.

You then saw the steamrunner pack. Installed STO onto Steam and then bought the steam runner? Or did you do it the other way around?

Either way you should have gotten an email as a confirmation receipt. If I recall correctly there should be a code on that. Did you try that one?
No, it's not really a DLC. He's trying to right-click/CD key on his non-Steam STO which he added as a non-Steam game.

The email he gets won't contain the code. You need to log into Steam, view the steam version of STO, right-click on that to see the CD key.

Right-click on the steam version of STO and you see "Play Game, View CD Key, Manage game account/etc". Do it his way on the non-steam game shortcut and he sees "Launch..., Delete shortcut/etc."

Originally Posted by tc10b View Post
If you bought it, you will have a confirmation email. And they should be able to sort it out for you.

Make sure the steam account you are logged in on, and the one you purchased with are the same. Or it won't let you use the stuff.
Kinda. I or anyone on Steam can buy the pack, then 'give' the key to some other STO player. If Steam linked your SteamID to PWE, we wouldn't need to 'redeem' key.

PS If you have given your key away and regret it. Make a new Steam account, buy the pack and ... use the key ^-^.