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I have been upset by the lack of dil from SB24 (which hurt lowbies more than anyone else) but I understand why it was done.
I feel that most of the whining is about perception issues rather than implementation issues.

Example, in WoW (yes I know but shush) you have the concept of 'rested xp' which gives you a 'boost' in XP if you stay logged off for a certain amount of time.

Did you know that originally this was a penalty rather than a boost? The original concept was that if you played too much your XP rate would decrease and when that was communicated to the player it caused a great deal of 'discomfort' in the beta testers. Feedback was severely negative all around.
The original death penalty was also so harsh (about an hour of res sickness) that priests actually used to have TALENTS in order to REDUCE this penalty!

So what Blizz did was instead of a penalty they just changed it to be a 'benefit' without changing the mechanic at all. Now you have 'bonus rested XP' instead of 'you've been playing too long so here's a nerf hahaha' like before. All they did was change the perception of you being rewarded and buffed with rested XP instead of penalized for playing too long.

The devs made it obvious they want to stop/prevent easy farming of tons of dilithium (at least for the Fed side) perhaps to reduce certain exploits they've seen being done that they don't want to tell us about (until they fix it).

Dilithium = ZEN and thus Dilithium = premium currency. Thus, the need for Dil for all the high end stuff in order to create money sinks to prevent players from burning through all this content so fast. Otherwise players will be whining about a lack of content (with some players already doing just that).

Content takes a *lot* of money. They could either improve the game features or add in content that'll just be burned through in a week or two (but takes 2-3 months to create). That isn't sustainable so it is obvious they've focused on features before massive content updates.

The dil sinks serve two purposes. It gets rid of dil that was exploited/farmed by most higher-level characters (through the fleet stuff primarily). It also drains dil from the in-game economy (through necessity) so that both dil and Zen are valuable and players actually have to EARN their way through.

Admit it, all of you that were farming Elite STFs and having everything handed to you on a silver platter in easy-mode...admit it. Elite STFs were meant to be ELITE and HARD and make you work for every bit of effort. Things feel less rewarding only because you had it easier than needed. Things were shoved in your mouth with a silver spoon. Once that spoon is taken you all cry your damn eyes out like babies.

Kindly grow up. Stop whining and be grateful for the ONE decent player-focused sci-fi game with a Star Trek aesthetic and (some) lore-focused story. You lose this due to whining and what do you have? SWTOR? LOL...good luck with 2 damn quickslots and denied access to the best gear in the game. Imagine if they flat out changed it to require people to convert their refined dil to ZEN to buy most of these things instead of just keeping it as a refined dil cost. Just imagine that.

TLDR: Gamers be entitled, yo! Cut dat shiz out!

/ranting wall o text
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