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# 186 one change requested
11-21-2012, 02:49 AM
Just so there's some context: I'm a silver/f2p player, not a gold or lifetime sub.

STO devs, I'd like one change implemented ASAP as a possible way to ameliorate the significant whining and belly-aching of most people on the forums here and in-game.

Raise the amount of dilithium that can be refined each day for Gold and Lifetime subscribers.
Currently the cap is 8k for F2P players.

Hear me out here but I believe that reducing this cap for F2P players to something like 4k dil while increasing it for Gold and Lifetime subs will encourage more people to subscribe and provide you with more stable income.

Get your sales/discounts going on both long-term subs and lifetime subs!

So a TLDR chart:

Dilithium Refining Cap (Before/After)
F2P: 8k / 4k
Gold: 8.5k / 16.5k
Lifetime: 8.5k / 24.5k

Do this and watch the money come in and a lot less people whining about lack of dilithium.
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