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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
You must admit though, a ship like this would certainly be an interesting addition to the fleet for both sides...

...But how else will this game keep on going?
I can't really agree here. It does the same as the Odyssey/Bortasqu' already does, just better and without an alternative. In a T6 or T6.5 environment, which I really hope will never happen, this ship may be viable.

People were unhappy before the Defiant, Galaxy and Intrepid got a Vice Admiral retrofit, they were unhappy that only a limited number of ships got a T5 upgrade and now that not every low tier ship got a fleet version. All those steps basically required people to upgrade and some ships were left out. Moving on to T6 ships will mean another upgrade and everything people spend their resources/money on will be obsolete. Ok that was a little bit off topic, but that's why I hope there will never be a real new tier of ships.

The problem STO devs created on their own is the extremely limiting ship tier system and ships with fixed BOFF layouts. They already start running out of options and thus we see so many universal slots. Personally I think universal slots and customization are good, but again you can only create so many different layouts and that's were they started to create more ridiculous ships like the Vesta. This will go on cause obviously Cryptic thinks that selling ship skins or just diversification (you could call it cosmetics) is bad, but selling more power is good.

Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
So I personally see it as fair, but would be willing to take criticism and changes to make it more fair in the eyes of you guys. I don't want to dismiss these ships outright, but would be interested to see what you guys would do to make them less OP.
Well the Odyssey and Bortasqu' ships are, together with the fleet and lockbox ships, the top line of endgame ships at the moment in STO. Everything you do to increase their stats will put them ahead and create a new level of ships. They are, thanks to their versatility, still the best multi-role cruiser if you like to call them that way. Specialised tactical cruisers like the Regent and Excelsior will outperform her in that category, specialised science cruisers (I know there aren't any except maybe the Fleet Corsair) or carrier will outperform her in science but the Odyssey/Bortasqu' can do both to some extend together with their tanking/healing roles. That's actually what I think a true flagship should be.
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