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# 3409 Of Robes and Uniforms......
11-21-2012, 03:06 AM
Mid-Term Request
I would like the robes to be available for KDF. I know it is possible since Worf, Kahless, and several of the Guards wear robes.

The Mercenary Set that is sold in the Zen Store also does right nicely with robes. In fact that is what my Starfleet character wears. Of course, my Ferasan is stuck with only the KDF uniform or Honour Guard armour, and I should dearly like to remedy this.

1. So, my first request is to allow KDF to wear robes.
2. Not really a priority, but a suggestion none the less. Things like the Mercenary Set, or some such Zen Store stuff, those would be great if you could also allow us the use of that in addition to the robes. It is not a requirement, but it would be a great added bonus.
3. On a side note, I also agree with the idea of letting us make a crew-wide uniform for our ship officers.

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