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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I suspect that the reason players are seeing more Hull Damage, may actually be attributable to the changes made to the Assimilated Ship set. Many players have chosen to try different equipment sets in light of those alterations, and may have been heavily reliant upon the 2-piece Hull Heal proc, which also cleansed Plasma Fires. If this is the case, it may mean that the Borg in general were inaccurately balanced for a specific set of equipment, and more changes will need to be made to bring them in line with other options of play style.
Just wanted to chime in here. I have never used the Assimilated Ship set beyond the Assimilated Console itself, so I never had the benefit of the hull heal or any of that stuff. I too have felt like the Borg Plasma has been hurting my hull a little more than it did before. My guess is it's something else.

Perhaps something was done to the way Resists are handled? I always equip a +35 Plasma resist but it feels kinda like I don't have much resist at all.

The other suggestion is I noticed some funkiness with Hull percentages after s7 where I would have 107% Hull or showing 47,000/43,000 HP.