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11-21-2012, 04:48 AM
Lower tier ships are the reason that will never happen. You buy yourself a ship for a few lvls with the knowledge that you can at least use the console at max lvl. They can't justify the price otherwise.

But it would still leave the option to bind the console to a ship class. Like AMS comes with a cruiser so it's only useable on cruisers. While I doubt they will change the consoles since it would mean many upset customers they could at least have some restrictions for new consoles they are going to create.

Also I think the biggest problem of consoles is that they break the balance of counters. Normally you would need high lvl science slots on your ship for most cc abilities. That kind of limits them and makes it able for a team to carry a sufficient amount of counters. Now with the consoles every ship can carry additional high lvl cc abilities but no ship can carrier additional counters.
So how can we balance this? What we need are probably things like more immunities after we got hit with something. Or maybe an increasing resistance during a match? Like each time you get hit by grav pulse you gain some resistance and the next hit will have limited duration, or something like that.
Or just give us more counters. Might be the best and easiest way. Like let Aux to Struct cure grav pulse. Give some additional powers the ability to clear the effects of consoles. That would not really affect pve, the consoles would still be useful in pvp but we would have an easier way defending against it.

Give us a chance at fighting the consoles. Who knows, if can build proper build to fight them the pvp community might actually accept them.