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11-21-2012, 04:37 AM
Of the three special consoles, I've found the most useful to be the fermion console that provides heals for you and all your surrounding allies, followed by the one that debuffs tractor beams. The deflector phaser is neat looking, but I haven't really noticed that it's that much more effective than your standard beam arrays. I can't remember which console came with which version, but the fermion sounds like a sci ability and the tractor debuff an eng ability. Too lazy to look it up right now.

I fly the engineering biased Vesta with my tac toon.

As far as builds, I splurged for my main toon and outfitted him with 4 anti-proton beam arrays (2 fore and 2 aft) and high level quantum torpedoes (one fore, one aft). The AP beams were a little over 1 million EC on the exchange. I didn't get the mk XII purples or anything like that because they just weren't worth it to me for the incremental improvements. I got the AP just because they looked and sounded cool and I hadn't tried them on any builds yet. I had tetryons at first and they seemed to do just as well.

I slotted 1 mk xii RCS accelerator and 2 mk xii neutronium alloys for the eng consoles to get the hull and turn rate up and dumped all three special consoles in the science slots with I think an inertial dampener in the fourth sci slot. I loaded up the tac console slots with AP boosters.

I don't PVP, so I wasn't concerned with absolute max DPS, just wanted something fun to fly that could hold its own in red alerts and whatnot. I've managed to recover from 3% hull a couple of times in Red Alerts, but I still find the survivability a little lacking, but it's still really good for a part sci ship. The runabouts launch a little too slowly for me, but I just deal with it.

Porthos is not amused.

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