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11-21-2012, 05:03 AM
In my opinion wave 6 is tricky on the East side when you have a wave spawn, then the platform, then another wave but dealt with correctly and you shouldn't have problems.

Wave 7 is perhaps the most tricky (with exception to 10) because waves spawn North and East (shortly followed by a platform in the North and South) then once most/all ships are destroyed waves spawn South and West. Because of the subtle timing differences and especially no dreadnaught you can save it's not easy especially in the South where you're more likely to get the platform first then the ships warp in when it's probably easier to have it the other way around.

Although 9 is pretty simple and easy it's sometimes too easy and we've killed everything too quickly so most people's abilities are on cooldown for 10 (no dreadnaught to save) so preparing for the next wave is also a challenge.