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11-21-2012, 05:07 AM
Two extra hangers for my Vo'Quv


I've been in a few PUG elite STFs that have been carrier fests, and the poor NPCs just dont stand a chance if the builds are half decent - PvP with Danube and Siphon drone spam isn't what I would classify as fun.

Simply the OP's idea sucks, sorry to be blunt but there you go.

Sci ships and cruisers are not useless - but they are much harder to build and pilot effectively than escorts even if you understand the game mechanics, and accepting a role that isn't primary damage dealer is unacceptable to many players egos.

If you wanted to boost science ships and cruisers, what they need IMHO is a rebalance of the science and engineering Boff abilities to make them more useful and fun on ships with an abundance of eng/sci Boff slots.