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11-21-2012, 05:51 AM
I've got an Engineering main, and went ahead and bought the Science Vesta (Surveillance Explorer).

Like you, I had a budget and I opted for the ship that would bring me a different experience from my usual routine of flying a cannon escort. While the whole Vesta line in general fits that description, the Science Vesta (Vesta-class) has the most useful console, especially since I wanted to try out support/healing-focused builds. Popping that Fermion ability has saved my entire fleet more than once during a pitched No Win Scenario or Starbase Defense.

Sure, you won't get as much damage out of the lower number of Tactical consoles on the Sci-Vesta, but the extra science consoles can boost your exotic abilities or enable you to shield-tank even more effectively. And again, that Fermion console's a really good panic button.

By comparison the Aventine's Quantum Phaser is quite weak unless you've got good points packed into your Particle Gen skill and the Rademaker's Kinetic Reflect is too situational for my taste.

As for builds, I've opted to take more advantage of a "science vessel"-style build and dropped the Auxiliary Cannons for a standard Beam Array/Beam Bank setup, with mines in the back and a torpedo in the front. Again, this is because I wanted a ship that didn't play the same as a cannon escort (though the Vesta can do that too if I want it to).

As for looks, I have to admit I like the look of the Rademaker more. It has a cooler hull (forcefield-protected flight deck!) and nacelles, and the speed of the Vesta's turn rate makes her really elongated shape look a little bit strange when doing broadside beam-attacks.