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11-21-2012, 06:22 AM
Originally Posted by devorasx View Post

How many times must i repeat myself there is a differene between skills presented fairly to all by Cryptic and the ones that you pay for. There is a SIGNIFICANT impact as the console power adds an addition to your aleady existing skillset which all wont have. That gives the payer a clear advantage, presenting a skilless act because he or she cant make due with what he or she got.
this is pure bs. you just want to pick the most brokenly op powers and abuse the ques. now since there are consoles you feel a threat that not only can people abuse consoles but they do it good with broken powers. thank god tbr got fixed. since your guys was defending it. and no ur guy did not make tbr op it was op. and the more you type the more you show how lame and tastless your fleet was. csv3 ftw, faw ftw. what else dude? please show me all the broken stuff you abuse. like going into ques with 2 carriers locking down the map with tb pet spam. or the random ams,grav pules. oh btw i am in ques with 2 sub doffs with csv. according to what your saying its ok since everyone has access to it. reason i have them is due to people having dem3 on a defaint and others like you who abuse pets to the max.