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Originally Posted by pwstolemyname View Post
Short answer; no. Not with that ability build, and not for most purposes.

The build I outlined above uses turrets and cannons of the same damage type in order to get the biggest bonus possible from your bridge officer ability slots and your console slots. Turrets count as cannons so when you hit cannon rapid fire every weapon on your ship gets a damage bonus, with levels 2 and 3 of rapid fire there will only be a period of 5 seconds between each use so you will have grate sustained damage.

By choosing to use just one energy type for these weapons (disruptor/anti-proton/plasma/etc) all your weapons can also benefit from all your tactical console slots damage bonuses.

If you replace a cannon with a torpedo tube you benefit from less weapons power drain, but that weapon wont benefit from your tactile consoles or your officer abilities. Torpedos provide high spike damage at the cost of low dps to begin with so your going to take a significant DPS hit overall.

If you relay want to use torpedoes you could fit a tricobalt device launcher to the rear of the bop. Replacing a turret cuts your dps by significantly less then replacing a cannon and although tricobalt devices take a long time to re-arm they do hit hard enough to be worth turning away from the enemy for a moment.
Thanks for the help