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11-21-2012, 07:51 AM
My main is a klink tac, and it's hard to say whats best. I fly three ships..a brel refit BOP, a mirror qin raptor, and a bortasqu tactical warship.

It really comes down to build. The brel is a pvp beast in both dhc mode and transphasic torp mode(a build that only really works on a brel thanks to the enhanced bc), yet is fairly useless in high end PVE due to paper thin hull and shields.

The qin is all around good for everything, and pre s7 was my go to elite stf ship, but now with the borg hitting harder and dot procing like a mofo I have settled into my borty.

I know I know, a tac in a cruiser..but with 5 tac slots and an all single cannon build it puts out dps that beats most escorts, and has the shield and hull to allow me to solo those cubes again without going boom.

Edit - typed pvp when I meant pve. oops. fixed.

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