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11-21-2012, 07:35 AM
One would presume that when a level cap increase eventually arrives, that part of the objective, like it is in every other MMO, will be to reset the endgame. Normally this would not be an issue, but for store bought ships it will introduce an element of philosophical dilemma.

LOTRO just went through a level cap increase rendering all older gear obsolete and creating a whole lot of new content to attain new gear and crafted items etc. Ideally this is what will happen with STO at some point. A new expansion will be released, possibly costing 5000 Zen+, which will feature content designed to keep you busy for about 50hrs of gameplay and level you 10 levels into a new endgame. (I know that this will represent a paradigm shift away from what STO currently gives us as content, but I for one would welcome a break from the grind as we head to a new endgame at some point)