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Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
It is getting pretty silly listening to all the forumites patting themselves on the back for forcing Cryptic into making these changes - If I was Mr Stahl I would not have paid much attention to all the hate and ranting on the boards. Considering that he has said many many times he is adjusting things based on the data - it's pretty clear that numbers took a nose dive as the days went by and they had to do something drastic.

The only thing that tells me he was reading anything on the forums is him telling some of you people to "learn some manners"

Good call there Mr Stahl.
I'm sorry, but drivel like this really makes me angry.

If Cryptic had taken the time to study the 'data' on my playing habits post-Season 7 all they'd have seen is that I've logged on a lot less, done probably 5% of the STFs I used to and that I've been spending most of my in-game time grinding Contraband on my KDF characters.

What can you gather from that? I no longer find the STFs as rewarding, I no longer find the game as compelling and acquiring Dilithium has obviously become a concern.

Metrics alone aren't enough to resolve the problem - it's only part of the picture and in order to see the complete picture you have to engage with your customers.

Yes, some people have been very angry and very vocal about their dissatisfaction - and honestly, I can't blame them for that at all. Cryptic has shown nothing but contempt for its customers with Season 7 and the player base responded in kind.

If I'd ever screwed up as badly in my job as Stahl did with this, I wouldn't expect to be in that job any longer. But as unimpressed as I've been with Cryptic, I can at least understand their motives.

The people I don't understand are the ones that willingly sit there and do nothing whilst they're being taken for a ride (and then have the gall to criticise those that do place value on their time and their money).

I applaud the changes that are being made - they don't go far enough in some ways (and strangely overcompensate in others) but at least they've shown they're willing to meet us part-way.
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