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I've started my first KDF char (my 2nd character overall), an engineer in a battlecruiser. He's on the cusp of level 30, and I figured I'd solicit a little feedback (keep it constructive, please).

For his weapon loadout, my Ktinga is sporting all beam arrays, save for one torpedo launcher fore. I know some people advocate for DHCs and turrets, but I'm reluctant for two reasons: 1) that's the same weapon arrangement my patrol escort has, sure it's great, but I'd like to try something else out if I can, 2) I just don't feel like I have the turn rate to pull it off. So far it feels like against most ships, I make an initial pass at them, then when I try to turn and go for round 2, the other ship just steers into my turn, and we just do-si-do like that for a while. To my thinking, if they want to play that game, fine, have some yummy broadside.

So with all that in mind, my Boffs are arranged as follows:
Tac: TT1, Fire at Will 2
Eng: EngTeam1, then EPtS1, AtS1, AtB2
Sci: SciTeam1, HazEm2

When I make my next rank, I plan on getting a Vorcha, and promoting both Engineers, and plan to add EPtS2, and either DEM3 or AtS3, depending on availability of training.

Duty offs, currently I've got two Technicians, one white and one green, and one Brace-For-Impact Guy, currently white. I'll up those guys in rank as opportunity permits. Still trying to figure out the best bang for the buck in the last two spots.

So if any of you want to help me figure out a next move or two, that would be great.