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Originally Posted by chuckingram View Post
The aux DHC is a joke compared to my fleet disruptor DHC's/turrets, backed by 4 energy consoles.
So you are comparing one weapon to Fleet variants of how many? you certainly are not comparing one per one and even if we can mount 3 Aux DHCs its not going to beat a Fleet weapon since it shouldnt to begin with.

I slapped a DBB in its place, and it works a lot better.
... Really? That it?

The only reason to keep the Aux DHCs is because its free and because it takes power from Aux, running at full weapons means its being starved.

Considering your "I run with DHCs and Turrets" statement it seems you are throwing everything into weapons, not really a surprise a Dual Beam will work "a lot better" when you are running on 125 weapons.

And the Vesta's major issue: Terrible shields, that require augmentation and fiddling to keep up. I've flown the Vesta tac since it came out, a LOT, and I love it, even over my F-TER and HEC, which is saying something major for me, being a tactical. However, it isn't OP.
Ok ... let me get this ...

The Vesta, that have the highest non-Fleet version Shield Modifier have terrible shields ...


No, it does not ... the only ships that have better shields are Fleet Science ships and Lockbox ships since no ship have "terrible shields" unless their modifier is low, Vesta have 1.35 modifier were the only ships that get a higher one are Ft. Recon, Ft. DSSv, Ft. ARV, Ft. LRSV, Orb Weaver, Recluse and Wells.

That is, Fleet Ships and Lockbox ships. that are not generally available.

Perhaps we should get to the truth of this. The Vesta scares that loud-mouthed few, the PvP side. Being that I'm PvE only I couldn't care less what these folks think, and neither should Crytic when it comes to overall balance. Why not just gate their ships for the pluses that most of us enjoy against NPC's and leave it there?
Or maybe because they know what it can actually do with in the right hands.

Please Cryptic, don't wash all the differences from the game because a tiny few can't live with the idea of someone, somewhere, having something better.
Oh please.

The Vesta made the Interpid-R irrelevant, even worst that the Odyssey did to the Galaxy-R, I can understand something being "better" because of tiers but I see two ships that can fill the same position, are at the same tier and then look at them closer and see one is inherit superior in several areas and equal in the rest ... this is not balance, this is one ship being just better.

Not the Vesta have its issues, the Aux DHC is pretty much there for people that run SCIENCE ships and so run on High Aux, if you are a escort jock tac then you have no real use for the Vesta if you continue to fly it as if its a HEC since its not.