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11-21-2012, 08:30 AM
Yeah. Due to general skepticism towards anything new from Cryptic, I soon realized I would NOT start a fighter project. the only thing of interest was the Romulan pistol. -being a pistol-person. I doubt I will ever use it though. i strongly believe I will continue to use the fleet sonic dual pistols for a while longer. Those, and a Tsunkatse can opener is sweet enough for me.

I like the addition of a rep-system. -if only it wasn't made in to a completely useless dil/doff-sink. No thankyouverymuch. I'll continue to fill the starbase sink, but anything else goes onto the 'meh'-list.
-Doon't get me started on that embassy-thing. I still scratch my head over that one. Are there anyone out there actually dropping their dil into that one?
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