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11-21-2012, 09:47 AM
I would just like to say thank you for removing yet another 1440 dilithium reward. It is most excellent that you guys have removed VA B'Tran , now the daily fleet action, ruined stf and lets not forget the increased cost. This seems to me as a pathetic attempt to make it take forever to progress or maintain 8,000 a day. Oh and the gods merely laugh at those of us who play more than one toon, trying to progress 1 is stupidly hard now. Let see considering stf is the ONLY EFFECTIVE means of gaining the 8,000 a day this means that anyone with 1 or more toons is subject to a min of 8 stf a day..every people with 4 toons to hit the refine cap takes oh 13 hours..... Great work guys way to keep the consumers happy. Glad to see 300 cancelled accounts and 1,000 deletted accounts showed you guys absolutly nothing at all. Yet you semed surprised when people quit the game or refuse to spend money on a sinking ship. You cannot get more blood from the stones you have so heres a hint...GET MORE STONES. So how do you entice new customers? how do you increase sales and climb the charts to game of the year? It is actually quite simply . LISTEN TO YOU CONSUMERS. we dont want to spend 14 hours a day just to get 8k and never be able to enjoy the rest of the game. we want to come in do a couple dailies hit our refine in a hour or less and go play the game. Once you have created a situation where logging in feels like going to a job...people quit playing....really how STUPID are you guys seriously do they pay you or is it a bunch of trained chimps you guys got running things?