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11-21-2012, 08:57 AM
Originally Posted by xantris View Post
What game do you play? Your doing something seriously wrong, are you not redistributing shields, using tac team, and cycling EPtS? I fly an escort and I while I certainly have to be more careful now, I have nowhere near the problems with survivability that you are claiming.
I have exactly that build and always used it well, seldom died unless I got reckless, been a veteran of at least a couple hundred elite space STF's by now and have acheived everything possible prior to season 7, all ground and space sets and optionals, so I do know how to play. But I have taken a break since the crazy stf difficulty spike and had focused on other things in the game, lately I went back and pugged hive space normal twice got all optionals and never died, but I will see if elite works out soon again once this next update is complete.

My only problem has always been invisible super torps that cannot be shot and the fact "The shields, they do nothing!". I even PVP with good success too with same build.