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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
Why AP weapons with the Jem'Hadar set? If you were running Polaron or Tetryon, that would make more sense (because of the Flow Capacitor buff). But, really, the engines are pretty bad.

I'd recommend the Omega deflector and impulse if you want more damage. Or, go with the MACO deflector (for more defense) and an Advanced Fleet Hyper-Impulse engine.
Sorry, can't agree with you at all on that. Although I haven't tried the Advanced Fleet engines yet. I've tried every other set combination over and over. This one does the best. The only place I've seen where the engines really make any difference is in sector space and yes, the Jem'Hadar do lose out there.

Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
You are going to do less damage than someone who is focused on one energy type. A lot less.

I'd recommend you pick a proc you like and focus on that.
Yes on that part. I wish people would get it through their thick skulls that Rainbow/Technicolor weapons are useless items.