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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
Sadly I've developed my love of Klingon starships from non-canon sources (SFB,SFC, klingon academy, etc) and have no love for the canon ships. Until STO breaks away from on-screen canon we'll only get the same old crap we have now. No SuvwI'QeH, no voDleH class, no pumwI'-class. Instead we'll get BoP's that dwarfs D7's in size, more Negh'Vars and vorcha's.

The D5 would be nice, as well as an upgrade to the Koro'T'inga.
I was thinking about which ships were my favourites just a few days ago.
Aside from the K't'inga, a lot of them were Interplay and FASA designs.

And when I thought about the reason: those were for the most part the ships that broke the mold to one degree or another:
The voDleH from Klingon Academy (4 nacelles, a rather "strong" neck), the Riskadh from FASA (an interesting main hull design), the Romulan Sparrowhawk from SFC (just beautiful, yet defies decription somewhat).
I also very much like the QuD Bird of Prey.
Interestingly enough if both KA and STO were canon, I think we could draw a design lineage from the QuD to the Norgh, they both have similar features.

While there are Cryptic ships that break the mold a bit as well, I feel they often have too few familiar elements that allow me to connect them with the ships they were derived from.
That's probably why the Norgh is my favourite Cryptic BoP, it has it own distinctive features, but it still retains enough from the B'rel to be recogizable without resorting to the method I have to use for many of the others which is "if it has wings, it's a BoP".

And I think Cryptic needs to find a middle ground between slightly altering a familiar design and changing it so much it's barely identifiable as a Klingon ship.