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Originally Posted by pointedears View Post
sorry whats that ? i cant hear you from Auraxis having too much fun and blowing **** up to give a rats ass about those money grabbing theiving bastards at cryptic/pwe. Seriously everyone should get out whilst they can with their sanity and healthy bank accounts in tact. Put an end to the robbery and find a fun mmo. Why punish yourselves anymore ?

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Morons like this crack me up like no other...

He comes to the STO forum to claim that he doesn't care about this game and that another game is great...

If you don't care about STO why even visit the forum. let alone post here? Especially when there is some uber game that you love so much.

You can which games a normal person has no interest in by the fact that they don't keep up with game changes or post in the game's forums.