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11-21-2012, 10:29 AM
Originally Posted by hydrodura View Post

-Your patch said it will fix the contribution of bridge officers. You fail again.

-We got screw with the mission with 1000 heart of targ but we finish it only fleet to my knowledge who did it only cost us 700 million energy credits do you think cryptic would give us back some of our energy credits.
- Explain in what way its broken, might help for those of us who are not yet online and to the developers to understand what they have 'failed',

- I honestly wouldnt even -think- of being reinmbursed, for a start one *COULD* have gotten the hearts by luck 400 people, thats 2-3hearts per person?, but yeah.
- Also i would have been more irritated at the fleet leader who picked the silly mission to begin with, a pointless commodity - a chef, for 1000 of a RARE(Blue) food item, food items are notorious sporadic in drop rate.. use your heads guys :p

Also a final thing i wanted to say, yes you are irritated at the moment, but insulting people is rude, regardless. (the title of this thread)