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Originally Posted by gray113 View Post
I don't know about that I checked the wiki but no mention but if I have to focus on one type of weapon then I will change them for the variants anyway thx.
I just looked at the way they work now. It doesn't "stack" the way it used to, but they still stack. Back when the game first came out the Pre-Fire Consoles worked on a pure percentage that would be calculated per console. In other words you as one console, and the total after that one adds it's bonus is the base total you would use for the next console. They changed it so that it's based off the initial base value before any buffs or bonuses now.

What I would do is go through and actually find the base values and claculate what the bonuses and buffs would give with the 3xPre-Fire and the 2xPre-Fire with two of "WHATEVER WEAPON TYPE BONUS CONSOLE" you use to find out which is better.

That depends on whether you are going Beam or not though. I stick to cannons myself, I prefer to just make things lose shields fast and run away as fast as possible on the cool downs with torps in their hulls.