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I was checking the passives that can be obtain from the rep system, and this one call my attention

You have a 20% chance to gain an instant heal to your shields when you are critically hit in space combat.

Emergency Secondary Shielding
100 sec
to regain 425.2 shields by when critically hit
U may say, what is wrong with it? Turrerts! for example 99% of escorts run 3 turrets in the rear, they have the highest firing rate of any weapon, and the lowest damage, so they will trigger that healing proc like hell, a critical hit form a turret will do far less dmg than the healing proc of this passive skill. And ofc u have to deal when u do a criticial hit in a ship that have EPTS3/Extended shields/RSP/etc, u will do negible damage and u will trigger the proc.
But this problem is not only with turrets, DHC will also trigger this proc very ofen, in combination with the turrets, instead of kill your target u will throw to him a bunch of healing

Maybe my interpretation is wrong (i'm basing my guess only in that description) but if i'm correct this can be a mayor unbalance. Also i hope that this new skill don't have the same problem that the jem'hadar set inmortal mode lagging all the matches.
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