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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Well, the new 'Hive Space' STF has put a new meaning on this thread to me.

Worst STF experience? ANY instance of Hive Space. The constant one-shot kills. The constant plasma fire spam. The uber-weapons. The stupid respawn timer. The players in the PuG who tell you that you're doing it wrong (and subsequently wind up in respawn limbo themselves). Managing to kill one of the unimatrix 'cigar' ships only get stomped by the second one. Managing to kill both unimatrix 'cigar' ships only to get stomped by the Queen. The WHOLE TEAM being out of action (stuck in respawn).

There is NOTHING I like about that mission.
I have experienced the very same situations several times over. On 2 occasions however I managed to get a decent team. Never managed to succeed the first Optional though. The best I ever did was like twice the time it takes to win the Optional. The cigars are very easy with a good group. And forget what your BOFF says: stays close to the Queen so the ships can't use their lances. What really works well is when everyone goes on the far side of a ship and pound it like it Hell. It's very easy to do the Optional that way. Never managed to get the Optional for the Queen. And I hate the way she speaks: feels like she's reading a telegram: This STOP is STOP not STOP the STOP end! I STOP am STOP eternal

The worst STF Pugs I've experienced were always with Cure both Space and Ground but Ground being the worst by far...