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11-21-2012, 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
So you are comparing one weapon to Fleet variants of how many? you certainly are not comparing one per one and even if we can mount 3 Aux DHCs its not going to beat a Fleet weapon since it shouldnt to begin with.
The aux DHC should have some sort of usage bonus beyond where it pulls power from. It doesn't, which is sad considering the fact that it was an advertised feature. Also, you may want to consider limiting the breachy thing. If you weren't such a know-it-all this might have actually turned into a conversation, heaven forbid.

The only reason to keep the Aux DHCs is because its free and because it takes power from Aux, running at full weapons means its being starved.

Considering your "I run with DHCs and Turrets" statement it seems you are throwing everything into weapons, not really a surprise a Dual Beam will work "a lot better" when you are running on 125 weapons.
Why the double quotes? Surely you aren't butt-stabbed over a contrary opinion?

Ok ... let me get this ...

The Vesta, that have the highest non-Fleet version Shield Modifier have terrible shields ...
Do you have a Vesta tac, or is this all conjecture? (rhetorical question)

No, it does not ...
Yes, the Vesta TACTICAL stock shields DO suck when flown anywhere near like a TACTICAL ship should be flown. I've corrected that issue though, so all is good, for me at least.

Oh please. -SNIP- (Too breezy and arrogant to be considered relevant to my post)
Happy Thanksgiving...