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11-21-2012, 10:01 AM
Running To'duj fighters and Scorpions side by side on ISE to check performance. Both fighters have the same cooldown and were launched as quickly as possible (about 12 seconds per flight for me) to keep their numbers up. The DPS figures should be taken as relative metrics and not absolute.

Pulse cannon = 149 DPS
Photon torpedo = 1166 DPS
Total DPS = 1315

Pulse cannon (includes burn) = 130 DPS
Plasma torpedo (includes burn) = 906 DPS
Total DPS = 1036

Executive summary: Unless you really really like seeing things trailing wisps of green fire, stick with your To'duj for basic torpedo spam. Peregrines are functionally identical to To'duj.

A very disappointing unlock, given the cost of these pets.