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11-21-2012, 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by orondis View Post
Come off it. As long-term PvPers I'm sure most of us have been reported for cheating/h4xing/exploiting, not because we did any of that but because certain players just can't believe what we do is possible.

I remember when people were getting reported for using the voldemort shield bug, only for it to turn out they were getting confused due to the borg shield heal proc.

There are a good portion of newer players who are just too quick to leap to accusing people of exploiting.

Griefing however should be easily sorted. Ban someone who has 10-15 reports against him within a 3-4 day period.

I'm aware the afk/griefing solution will take a while to be implemented, but problem really needs to be sorted. It seems every match has an AFKer, sometimes more then one, in it. I wouldn't be surprised if there were AFKer Vs AFKer matches. Heck, I'm certain there are a few players who have macros set up to queue them for PvP.
I'm never wrote ban based on being reported alone. I wrote people should be banned for knowingly exploiting. This requires there be an actual exploit and a player being aware they are exploiting.

If they bothered to keep track of known bugs which are exploitable and logged when the bugged abilities are used, then they could have an automated mailing system send people warnings and eventually ban for multiple offenses.

The TBR bug would be very easy to track and even the multi boff ability should be trackable w/o too much effort.

They could have a GM appeal system if needed. It's not really that hard. If they do the datamining they claim they should already have the info, then it's a matter of scripts sifting for exploits, triggering a mail, and tracking offenses per account. All of that is doable off loaded from the main game server shard.

That said in another thread I did mention players report b/c at the moment that's all we have available.