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11-21-2012, 10:11 AM
LoL How the heck did this turn into kill TSI more thread?

I often ask that "how the heck" question a lot when I log to see what happened with an older thread lol.

Funny how a thread just mutates into something totally opposite from what it should be.

Back on topic.

1) You don't like it when people gloat win over you, be a good sport say gg, you always have tomorrow. We're all guilty of this, but in all fairness I personally try my best to keep silent when I both win and lose. I can say the same for most of our guys at TRH.

2) Broken abilities, voldemort, ok it's temporary. Very difficult to tell if someone is using it or not. Write it off, just play like you did during TBR broke days, and it will past like that last storm. Just hunker down for now, don't react. Most annoying thing is, a dog barking at lightning.

3) SN Doffs, Power Siphons, Trics, hot feet smelling cheese, you name it they got it. You got skill, so don't let it get to you. Practice practice practice, and you'll over come the cheese. I promise.

4) Inter-fleet hate, kind of normal but really it goes back to point 1. Defeat your inner demons to not make another dude(s) feel bad.

5) Visit other Team Speaks on a regular basis. I found that a lot of people lose track of friendships when they don't keep in touch. Go say hello, run a few in the queues, be cool about it. Not "Oh he ran trics, not goin there anymore!" Talk it out.

6) Use sportsman etiquette both in and out of matches, if someone crosses you try not to be as crass but classy.

7) If you need cheese, let people know you need cheese. People will be less forgiving, and while forgiving don't be a jerk about it. TRH says w/e to some people using it, we go in play against it sometimes lose sometimes win, the result is the same. Our TS stays fun and jokes around. Don't hate on one another when you loose to cheese either, I know some people that do this. Not cool dudes, not cool.

8) Draw the line, just because you won a match it don't make you the best. In fact, just because you haven't lost in a long time it doesn't make you the best either. Being good at a video game is one thing, claiming to be the best publicly is another thing. You'll get a "Go You" from me personally.

9) Say hi everybody! or Good night everybody! or Take care everybody! Good attitude is contagious, spread it around.

10) Say GG, HF, GL, thanks for the game, drop the "Oh nice trics" "Nice SN Doffs" "You only won cuz..." Just leave it at gg, they know what they did.

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