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11-21-2012, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Let's try this again with less insulting, rage and flaming.

If you explain the exact issue you're seeing, it will help us track down a solution.

This change was tested internally and found to be fixing the issue with the test cases we'd prepared. If there's an additional issue at hand, then we need more information on what's gotten fouled up.
Why don't you have people playing the game to find exactly what the problems are.

We have been trying to communicate all these problems with you and no responses are given and nothing gets fixed in a reasonable time; immediately would be nice, but within a few days should be manageable. Our fleet has been sitting on a problem with the Andorian bridge officer project for two weeks and nothing has been done.

Questions are asked of us, we explain and you want more it, find out for yourself.

You ban people on this thread because they are getting mad. Well, when people invest monetary funds into this game and get no results they get mad. Even you are being a bit of a jerk by complimenting exact, precise error examples of the game and not recognizing legitimate complaints that are difficult to explain unless you actually play the game yourself.

I don't understand what is so difficult about setting one of your 45 people at cryptic to actually play the game to help us with the issues we are having?

Remember, we are paying you. The players are your income. Without us, you are broke. It is important to recognize that and take even a little unconstructive men deal with irate customers all the time without banning them. There does come a point after being nice and explaining that our patients is reached and we begin to get a little irate.

Maybe it is time to ask yourselves, why are people acting this way? Maybe, it is time to consider that this game developing isn't working right and it is time to fix the problems. Maybe, it is time to recognize your salary comes from real people with real issues with the game that are not being fixed.