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11-21-2012, 10:38 AM
I own the ship as well, with the 3 ship set.

It is frail to say the least.

After specs+equipment, 38000 hull is very low. If you equip the three consoles, you're left with two field generator slots in science (should you run the science variant). You only have 11k and change without the field gens. With one field generator you have 13k shields, with two you have 15k and change.

Which now leaves you with 5 more consoles left. What to do.

Tactical will most likely take up your choice of weaponry. So that's 3 gone already. Engineering, 38000 hull, to reinforce or not to reinforce. Oh but you have cannons, so put a pair of RCS on there to use them. And there you go, 32 degree turn rate to fire 45 degree weapons. You can put an APO, the ship will achieve a 45 degree turn rate periodically. You could of course enhance this with AP doffs. However, the main problem still persists, 38000 hull is 1 shot juicy if you decide to use the cannons.

Yes I get it, it comes with a super shield. Viral, photonic shockwave, aux proc, tric, it's offline. Not to mention the 3 minute CD on it.

Fermion field, really nice AOE. 3 minute cool down. You have a console on your ship that does nothing for 3 minutes.

The purple graviton effect console, ok it's good to keep crowd control in check. It's also 3 minute cool down. Doesn't attribute much to your defense besides keeping Escorts out from optimal firing range, but if they're Omega'd they're up on you regardless.

The super laser, or what I like to call the Death Star laser, I got mine to fire at 10k dps for 12 seconds. I solo'd a tactical cube with the aid of some betas slapped onto it. True story. However, it is not OP. Getting it locked on a target with that low of turn rate is an extremely rare occurrence.

At the end of the day, in order to get this ship to work and depending on what you want to do with it, it is not ideal to run all three consoles it comes with due to the immense survivability you sacrifice with it. A very good one will work very well only if a team compliments it, otherwise it's a fancy ship but nothing special.

Definitely not OP. It needs more hull if you ask me. Bring to 31k base and it should be fine. Perhaps one of the most complicated ships to fly though...

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