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Originally Posted by theultimatefunky View Post
omg all you KDF players talking about getting shafted hmmm now........lets look at how OP the klink ships are compared to the feds, and lets look at all those ridiculous consoles the klinks have compared to the feds, and yes im expecting a lot of hate replies to this but its true, nuff said
Make examples, make your case, or at least learn to use punctuation and spelling.

Here's MY case, for instance-that KDF tend to bat all but the BEST Fed players around like kitty toys in PvP given (nominally) equal Tier ships, captains, and tech.

Raptors fly like Cruisers-fast cruisers, but cruisers. Battlecruisers fly like cruisers, the main differences being raptors are smaller and slightly faster cruisers. (it's the "Pivot Point" issue many KDF have noted before-Raptors handle like cruisers....) Now, since BC's (OTHER than the craptastic Bortasque) are slightly more nimble than Fed cruisers, this also means that BC's fly like chunky Raptors with a weight problem.

This is a training thing, Funky. Similar controls and capabilities develop similar good (and bad) habits. Among other things, a Raptor driver getting into a Tor'khat isn't going to have the issues that a Defiant driver getting into, say, a Sovereign will have-what works on the Raptor largely works on the bigger hull, and you have to invest less in 'enhancements' to your turn and speed compared to a Fed pilot.

Since EVERY KDF starts with a BoP, and most don't get the tokens to get something else until later, MOST KDF learn how to drive a Bird of Prey pretty early on, and the introductory missions in the KDF you learn about Battlecloak or you spend a lot of time respawning (the "Bringing down the House/House always wins" set-you can't spacebar your way through it relying on autotarget if you want to finish sometime the same day you started).

Further, if you WANT DILITHIUM AT LOW LEVEL in KDF, you pretty much MUST PvP, whether it's Ker'rat, or you can actually get a que to pop, it's your best bet for being able to afford the parts to upgrade your consoles and weapons.

PvP is MUCH different from PvE-people don't follow predictable routines, don't ignore hits, don't plow blindly forward and DO use their Bridge Officer abilities and buffs.

Means "Learn how to fly or you're toast". Nothing in Fed content does this. Nothing.

Means that 2 of 3 ship classes being very similar in layout and performance, plus the third class is something everyone in the faction is familiar with-if not outright fond of, trained under more intense conditions will tend to yeild better pilots over-all, and since PvP is still a major source of advancement in said faction, teamwork tends to develop early, and the ability to 'pair off' grows in faster.

By contrast, Feds, with their huge variety of VERY good designs suffer from a lack-due-to-surplus. Feds start in a light cruiser (like a Miranda, Shi'kar, or Centaur class), after which, they tend to diverge into bigger, slower cruisers, small, fast, jumpy escorts, or science ships. None of which handles like the others, all of which are VERY different in layout, ability, fit-out, performance, etc.

I'm only, at this point, dealing with like-vs-like, as in two players, neither of them has bought a C-store or z-store ship, no lockboxes involved or needed, thanks.

FedScorts (Federation Escorts) have better turning mechanics in practice, than Raptors-they don't suffer the cruiser-pivot-point that Raptors do, so it's easier to bring weapons to bear-they also tend to be physically tougher than Raptors,and in non-pay variants, have better over all performance characteristics tier for tier.

Fed Cruisers (Free cruisers, not the pay ones) have more consoles, better Bridge officer layouts, thicker hulls and better shields (or some combination of the above) over KDF ships in the 'cruiser' classification...but KDF ships have better turn and can equip dual cannons. (It is arguable whether that better turn is enough to make it worth the efffort, however.)

Fed Science ships have VASTLY superior shielding to any bird of prey, even one two tiers HIGHER in the tech chain, they're also tougher, by a considerable margin, and have abilities integral to the vessel that BoP drivers have to spend BOFF slots to mimic-poorly.

THAT is if you're comparing Fed Sci ships to KDF Bird of Prey. Performance characteristics wise, an Intrepid is closer to a Qin Raptor minus the ability to mount cannons-similar turn rate, tougher, similar speeds...but tougher.

A LOT tougher.

Flat fact is, if you applied the same hull and shielding numbers to Feds that you see on KDF, you'd have Feds in howling (and justified) rages.

as for consoles and such-the pay stuff now....

Most of our goodies, from Carriers to subspace jump, have either been directly transferred to Fedside (Atrox,etc.) or indirectly (Lockboxes), the rest have been nerfed or rebalanced so often nobody's really sure if any of it will work after next patch or the patch after.

but the point still stands-when you go PUG into CSE, KASE, which team do you think is going to be better/stand a better chance:

a)5 Feds in Cruisers and Escorts, with a Tac in a Vesta

b)your fed, another in a sci/sci build, and three Klinks

c)Three FEds, two Klinks

d) 5 KDF

who do you think is going to have the best chance of NOT BLOWING THE MISSION?