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Originally Posted by orondis View Post
A 1v1 between a vesta and an escort will go something like this.
*Ships get within 10km of one another and both start firing dual heavy cannons.
*Vesta uses FBP1 adding extra damage to his attack.
*Escort has to stop shooting and decides to evade using attack pattern omega 3.
*Vesta casts VM3 on the escort.
*Vesta gets within 1km and launches Danubes.
*Escort captain begins to panic as his shields are getting pummled by increasingly more powerful dual heavy cannons and he can't move an inch.
*Finally the danube tractors turn off or the captain uses another attack pattern omega and the escort is free.
*Escort gets hit by VM1
*Escort shields are breached and the ship is quickly destroyed.
*Vesta wins without even breaking a sweat.
Not realistic. "Has to stop firing when using FBP1". Seriously? FBP2 or 3, i could understand, but 1... Get a hull. Anyway, that's why good escort pilots use (chroniton) torpedoes too, their damages aren't reflected by FBP.

Why should someone evade? Just pick another target and that's fine. This pvp situation is utterly ridiculous, and while a more powerful science ship might be annoying, it's definitely not out of control, considering how well escorts can tank and are close to be permabuffed now.

If you're concerned by VM3, then wait for a month and get a maco adapted set, hot restart will solve this issue for you. Again something taken from scis. I'd call this a science nerf, and while i've choosen to stay on my recluse, I don't think the vesta is OP. It's just using annoying skills preventing you from playing the way you want on the map, which is the very meaning of science ships in STO. Enjoy!

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