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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Probably the most constructive post other than baudls. In response to your comments:

To point #1: I put that in since you are getting a ship that is stupidly powerful. If you had it just cost 1 FSP and the usual 4 FSMs, then it would be too easy to get. The whole point here was to make a ship that you had to work your rear off to get, and you would be handsomely rewarded for all your work. Granted I have no control over fleet politics, so if leaders want to be douches and not let just ANYONE have it, that's their call.

To point #2: Again, the steep price was to ensure that it would be fair. You are in essence getting a 10 console ship that can also use the set bonus without any penalty to it's regular abilities. There needs to be a high cost, or it IS too easy to get.

You are probably right, that it will turn into an elitest symbol, but since there are so many ships that are better than cruisers (even those two ships), in the end, it will probably just be a symbol, nothing more. But imagine if you could have your oddy or bort with it's set bonus and still have all 10 consoles available. THAT would be a true flagship, as you stated.
Something I forgot to mention before: I'd be a little more willing to buy this new Fleet Ody/Bort if it had a new skin. I think that'd be fair. All the other fleet ships have different skins, and if you wanted to use the normal Ody or Bort skin, that'd be your choice.

Oh, trust me, I would LOVE to have this, don't misunderstand of course. I have the Bortas pack, and use the trio of consoles on my Klingon tac, using the Tac Bortas. I refer to it as a 'sleeping giant' for the most part, as while it does attack and kill normally, the moment I start mega-buffing, the 'giant wakes up', and then things REALLY die.

I can understand the steep price, it just felt like it might've been a bit overboard. Perhaps to still keep it super pricy, but not over the top, it would need like 8 modules, but you get a discount down to more like 4 or 5 if you own the bundle? As you've said, it's meant to take forever to get to, but someone will get to it. Why not make it at least a little easier, considering they would have to have a tier 5 shipyard to begin with?

Y'know, even if they didn't have extra hull or shields (though that'd be nice), the console slots for their consoles alone makes them worthwhile. Maybe they could give some other bonus? Like if you use all three consoles on these Fleet versions, you get an ability or something that only that ship can use. (Like how the D'kora can only use 'Friends in High Places' for example).

Also, I had a thought, about keeping people in fleets from wantonly buying these new flagships if they get to that point. Maybe have it so only a higher level member (highest and 2nd highest only) get a special item somehow, which doesn't cost anything, and give it to a person which would be needed to buy the ship.

I understand it could still be abused that way, so maybe it'd have a secret 'tag' on the item, which would mark it as being from a certain fleet, and could only be used to buy a flagship from that fleet.

Elite status symbol or no, it could be a good thing, to reward members who've done far more than their fair share. Also, if anything, I think it could potentially be a good way to show off your fleet's wealth by having one in the first place (especially if decked out totally with all Elite Fleet level gear).

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