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11-21-2012, 11:12 AM
Having the same issue, but after major patch, but as far as the load screen, yes but my Controls options keeps resetting.

Such as I turn off over the shoulder camera for ground, and it resets to on, sometimes immediately after I click off. It always resets on any load screen, and definitely does not carry from session to session. Plus the double tap to dive option in ground, will say off but I can still dive. I have to turn it on, save, then off, save and it will remember as long as I don't log off.
Why are these settings not saving? Some other commands do it too, like space, assist target (or target, targets target) basically if on and I target an ally, but have auto fire on, it will change back to the target, and my heal goes on me instead. This has to be checked every time I log in for both Space and Ground.

I saw the command for saving Key_bindings, so that will help, but Controls is just a on /off, and I don't see a way to export / load those on login/loadscreen.

I've submitted a ticket about 5 days ago, but no reply yet.

Any help?